Friday, September 11, 2009

Web Whiz

Before I get into the actual purpose of this post I'll do an update on school ....
Brogan started school three weeks ago and has taken to his new school and teachers like nothing is new. He misses his Ms. Kimberly and asks about her frequently (whom we give him his fix of through In Home Training and "pool parties" at her house) but there was relatively little transition or adjustment needed.
He tests high in several areas, which surprises no one but his teachers. I guess they expected him to be smart - just not this smart.
His biggest struggle is still interacting with other children in an "appropriate manner". However, he doesn't lash out nearly as much as he has has in the past. So we take what we can when it's offered and keep working on the "goal".

Back to him being smart. The kid is ridiculous. You have to be careful what you do around him cause he's ALWAYS stinking well WATCHING.

The other day he asked me to find a specific video for him to watch. I went to Google, typed in what we were looking for, scrolled through the options and picked the one that seemed most appropriate.

My mistake.

Or triumph.

Today I came into the living room and found him on a site that I have not book marked or previously visited. I looked in the top right corner and saw written in the "Google Search" box a description of what he was looking at. I called out to Jerry and asked him if he'd done the search for Brogan. Answer came back negative.

Brogan had done that himself?


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