Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honesty, Best Policy?

Yesterday we were swimming at a beautiful little hole in N.M.It really was great.
The water was not too cold, but not warm either.
There was a great sandy beach.
Not too many people, as it was a weekday.

It doesn't take many people to evoke honest observations from the boy, though.

There was a very large white man, wearing light gray shorts, who was spending his time floating face down as he observed the lakes bottom through goggles. As Brogan scooted around him once he said, "Excuse me, Manatee, Excuse me."

I chocked a little, then had to turn my face away and pretend I didn't hear what he said so I didn't start laughing out loud.

Problem being, for the rest of the day every time I saw the man that's all I could think!

Brogan pegged him really well.

Really Well.

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