Friday, September 11, 2009

I Did.

Today when I picked Brogan up from school I noticed he was playing with a new car. I asked him where he'd got it. Being the literal being he is, he answered, "School."
Me (thinking, duh, Krista - ask BETTER questions!) "Who gave you the car Brogan?"
Brogan (totally distracted with car), "I got it at school."
Me, "I know you got it at school, that's where you got it. The place. Who is the person you got it from... Who gave you the car, bud?"
Brogan, "I did.
Me *sighing* "I know you have the car ... but who gave it to you at school."
Brogan, "I did."
Me (a little exasperated, feeling like I was doing the Who's on Third schpeel), "You gave you the car?"
Brogan, "Uh huh"
Dropping the topic, I asked him about other things that happened today.

When I got home, I shot off an email to his teachers asking if either of them knew where he'd got the car and who I needed to send it back to.

I got an email back explaining that Brogan earned the car through good behaviour. So he literally DID gave it to ... him.

Silly mom.

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