Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

The boy is growing so fast.
He's learning so much.
He's getting so smart.
It's hard to keep up.

He's reading, or at least attempting to read everything he can get his hands on.
Which is some situations isn't so helpful.
The Chuck E. Cheese up the road has been under renovation for a few months now as they expand. They've remained open, just had patrons using a different entrance. However, since the front of the building and the parking lot is all torn up ... I've told a slight lie as we've driven past and he's shouted with glee,
"Go to Chuck E. Cheese!"
My reply has been,
"Sorry bud, look, it's closed."
Being a child of kind of sound reasoning, he's believed me.
His mother.
The fudger.
However, (darn you, CEC!) they recently hung up a banner across the front declaring,
"OPEN! Door on Side!"
He can read any and all four letter words.

He's also become more aware of others.
If he sees me laying in bed without covers on (in my case, it's usually on purpose ... but I'm not going to point that out to the boy) he'll rush in, pull covers up all around me. Pat them down and exclaim,
"There you go!"
"Thanks buddy."
"You're welcome."

He loves telling people "You're welcome." I think he feels it's a public service because he certain gets a lot of joy out of it.

When he gets himself a drink, he will more than likely pour his sister a drink also. Some days I'm not too sure this isn't out of
so he doesn't have to share. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though.

He's less terrified of birds ...
at a distance.
We went to the Fort Worth Zoo the other day and he sat for a good 20 minutes just watching the swans. They've built up a nest and laid an egg or two and he finds himself enthralled with their nest protecting, waddling and squawking at each other.
He loves being out. Going places. Doing things. Which is a joy to me, since neither his sister or father
want to go

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Jenie said...

I'm very excited to see all the progress he has made since last summer.