Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ain't He Sweet

And a little "survey" B-man filled out for Mother's day:

My Mother likes to Draw (no, not really. That's all you, baby.)

My Mother is 29 years old. (So so close. 30)

My Mother's favorite food is Fried Chicken Milk (..... what is THAT?)

My Mother's favorite sport is Blow Bubbles (hahhaha, oh, okay)

My Mother's favorite color is Gray (I have no idea where he got that)

My Mother's name is Krista

I love it when my Mother drives (you don't say?)

My Mother is Mom (nicely put, son)

My Mother is good at Reading

My Mother and I like to drive (do I sense a trend?)

My Mother like it when I eat apple pie (he's clearly delusional)

My Mother is great because I'm Happy (can't argue with that logic)

My Mom and I play at home

My Mom and I play link and logs (Lincoln Logs)

My Mom and I eat donuts (he's so subtle)

My mom and I go to Sea World (ummm ... once, last year)

My mom and I read books

My mom and I watch moveys (movies)

My mom and I like to drive in the truck (okay, okay! I get it!)

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