Sunday, January 25, 2009


In general, I don't think about how smart the boy is.
But there are moments that give me flashes of insight that leave me a bit stunned ... then murmuring to him as I stroke his soft blond hair, "You're such a smart boy, Brogan?"
To which he laughs and shouts, "Yep!"
Yesterday Brogan was doing whatever it is that Brogan does when he's entertaining himself when his head popped up and he asked,
"Auntie Jenie Hamon, mom?"
"No, Brogan. Her name is Auntie Jenie Jones."
Then, "Auntie Jenie Jones, Lincoln Jones, Hanna Jones, Emma Jones, Li-ly Jones, Oh-livia Jones ... Uncle Michael .... JONES!"
Pauses, tongue between teeth as he draws another master piece.
"Auntie Dawn Hamon, Uncle Gary Hamon, Al-ain-a Hamon, Rhys Hamon, Terina Hamon, Ter-e-vor Hamon."
I love how he figured out who belonged to who, how all the kids that belonged to that parent had that name. Not OUR name, but the parents name.
I know, I'm biased.
But seriously.
Totally impressive.

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Mandy said...

I love watching my kids piece things together like that. On a smaller note, the other day Kymberly's new word was 'dog' she kept saying it over and over again while she played with a stuffed dog. Later that night we went to a friends house and they have a dog who greeted us with a lot of barking. For the rest of the evening and all the next day you couldn't get her to stop saying "dog, woof, woof, woof". It made me smile to know that she had put that together all by herself.