Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Some days the boy is WAY too sweet.
It almost brings me to tears.
Alright it DOES bring me to tears.
What's it to ya?
The other day as I was talking on my cell phone I had to plug it in while in mid-discussion and the best place was beside my bed. So I grabbed a pillow and made myself comfortable on the floor as I continued talking to my mom. Brogan, being my constant shadow, sees me laying on the floor. Looks me up and down and quickly runs into the living room and brings back a blanket to cover me up with.
I smile at him and say, "You're a sweet boy, Brogan."
He smiles back and proclaims, "YOU'RE a sweet girl, mom."

This morning as we was sitting at the table working on his letters (keeping them ON the line) he looked over at me with his dark eyes just a twinkling and softly said, "I love you SO much."

Gosh darn, that kid.

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