Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being Fair?

The boy has been breezing through this year with high marks in all areas ... with the occasional lapse in good judgement when it comes to "hand placement". As in "not keeping them to himself".
My official stance on it has to kind of just take it easy in that area. I mean, I've seen the other boys in his class, we've gone to a party where all the boys in his class attended. Brogan was by far NOT the worst behaved. Infact, he gives them PLENTY of opportunities to back off before his hands start flying.

One of the E.A.'s in his class commented that I'd hope it'd be fair when it came to punishment and wasn't it a shame that it's not?

All I could do was snort and tell her since the day I discovered Brogan is Autistic all thoughts of "Fair" have been far from my mind.

I'm realistic. I know people look at "special needs" kids differently.

I could easily have been blamed for such things myself.

They recently tested all the kindergartners in their math skills.

The results made me cringe.

The "test" had 18 questions on it.

He scored 6/18.

ONE MORE than he needed in order to get tutored.

Great. Just great.

They're all concerned because he doesn't understand the meaning and placement of words such as "more" and "equal to".

Word concepts elude him

Give him a simple number equation and he'll get the numbers right every time.

But he needs to do more than grasp the concept of numbers.

He needs to know how WORDS work with it.


Yet ... they won't actually DO anything to help me.

Just bring the problem to me and say, "Fix it, or he'll fall behind."

Well, scr*w you.

They have the resources. They have the experts.

But I have a whole lot more determination than you do.We're going to make you all look like a bunch of baffoons.

Just see that he doesn't.

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